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Itchy, Irritated Skin? Find Relief That Works

I suffer from dry, itchy skin that keeps me from going outdoors. No matter what I use or apply on my skin, my symptoms won't go away and seem to get worse whenever I go out in the sun. One day, I talked to my regular doctor about my skin condition. The doctor referred me to a dermatologist for treatment. It was a big relief to find someone who can really help. The dermatologist examined my skin and asked me questions about my diet, lifestyle and habits. I actually caused my skin problems by what I do each day. After making big changes in my life and getting the right skin treatment, I now live a full life. If you need help for your skin condition that really works, read my blog. You'll find information about skin conditions and their treatments, as well as where to go for help.

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Itchy, Irritated Skin? Find Relief That Works


Irritated Lips: Top Causes And When To See A Dermatologist

Are your lips red, cracked, and uncomfortable? If over-the-counter balms don't help, take a look at what you need to know about the possible causes of lip skin irritation and when to see a dermatologist. Why Are Your Lips Irritated?  There isn't one reason for all lip irritations. Some redness, itching, discomfort, swelling, peeling, and cracking has a temporary cause—such as an injury, sunburn, or burn from hot food or drink.