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I suffer from dry, itchy skin that keeps me from going outdoors. No matter what I use or apply on my skin, my symptoms won't go away and seem to get worse whenever I go out in the sun. One day, I talked to my regular doctor about my skin condition. The doctor referred me to a dermatologist for treatment. It was a big relief to find someone who can really help. The dermatologist examined my skin and asked me questions about my diet, lifestyle and habits. I actually caused my skin problems by what I do each day. After making big changes in my life and getting the right skin treatment, I now live a full life. If you need help for your skin condition that really works, read my blog. You'll find information about skin conditions and their treatments, as well as where to go for help.

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Itchy, Irritated Skin? Find Relief That Works

Face Covered In Sun Or Acne Spots? What You Can Do

by Andy Hopkins

If you have more spots on your face these days that you weren't born with or that have just appeared in the last several years, you are probably dealing with sun spots and acne scars. If you have these spots on your face, there are things you can do to get rid of them, or at least to get them to fade. Read on for tips to help you get rid of them and get clear skin.

Use A Nightly Face Mask

Apply a face mask each night or a few times per week to help lift out the impurities in your skin and to help clear up acne. Face masks such as charcoal face masks can also help to smooth your skin and even out the tone of your skin. Apply the face mask as directed and remove it according to the instructions as well. Don't over-wear the face mask; only wear it for as long as the directions state. Over-wearing face masks can cause skin irritation or other issues.

Exfoliate With A Facial Scrub At Least Once Per Week

Apply a facial scrub to your skin at least once per week. Over-scrubbing your skin could cause irritation and break open the skin, especially if you have acne present. Scrubbing the skin with a gentle cleanser can help to remove dead skin cells, but if you overdo it, it could irritate or dry out your skin, and lead to acne. Look for a cleanser with gentle scrubbing beads in it. Use it according to the instructions.

Derma Roll Your Skin

Use a derma roller on your skin to clean your pores and to increase cell turnover. The micro-needles on the derma roller are pressed gently into the skin using the roller and will improve cell turnover, which can improve the tone and texture of your skin. It can also reduce scarring and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Use the derma roller at least once or twice per week. Then apply a toning cream after you derma roll your skin and also apply a facial moisturizer to prevent dryness. Use the derma roller before you go to bed at night. Stop using the derma roller if it irritates your skin too much. 

If you have sun or acne spots on your skin, you may feel self-conscious about your skin. Make an appointment with the dermatologist to learn more about your options.