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Itchy, Irritated Skin? Find Relief That Works

What To Do About Summertime Dry Skin

by Andy Hopkins

One of the more annoying conditions to endure in the summertime is dry skin. After the cold temperatures and frigid winds stop blowing, the dry and scaly skin on your face, hands, and body should disappear. Unfortunately, for some people, the condition lasts all year long. You can make your dry skin better by using some special summertime routines.

Shower Procedures

Hot showers can make your skin dry any time of year, but they are easier to give up in the summer. If you lower the water temperature and shorten your shower, your dry skin should retain more of its natural oils. Avoid soaps with lots of additives, including fragrances. The wrong soap can help deplete your natural oils as well. Finally, vigorous toweling can harm your skin. Try patting your hands dry after washing and use the towel sparingly after a shower. Leave your skin damp and then use a lotion to seal in the moisture. As a bonus, leaving your skin slightly wet will help keep you cooler during the hot weather.

Face Packs

Although the humidity may lessen the patches and flaking of your skin, you can help prevent skin damage by using some fresh and light face packs. Experts suggest using papaya to remove dead skin from your face. This fruit is also great for helping your skin retain the right balance of moisture. All you have to do is get a papaya and mash some pieces until the mixture is smooth. Apply if for about fifteen minutes, and your skin should feel refreshed and not dry. Another excellent mask is a blend of yogurt and honey. You can apply two teaspoons of yogurt mixed with one teaspoon of honey. Keep it on your skin until it dries and then rinse it off. You face should look and feel great.

Swimming Protection

Over-exposure to the swimming pools can really dry out your skin. The chlorine can have a serious drying effect on your skin, particularly if you are prone to this condition. If you do expose yourself to chlorine, make sure to rinse off with warm water immediately after. Also, look into purchasing special protective creams or lotions that can combat this issue. If OTC lotions don't help, consult a dermatologist, like one at Sunflower Dermatology & Medical Day Spa, for help.

Summertime is easier on your dry skin than winter, but you still need to take precautions to keep the right moisture balance. You can change your habits and use certain products to relieve the unique stress that summer puts on your skin.