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Itchy, Irritated Skin? Find Relief That Works

Quick And Easy Acne Killers

by Andy Hopkins

Stress is one of the leading causes for acne breakouts. The stress and anxiousness of waiting for a special event will cause your face to break out instantly. Luckily, there are two quick and easy fixes that will leave your skin clear and back to normal. Below is a list of the easiest and quickest ways to get your skin ready for your big day.


Using potatoes on your skin is one of the fastest ways to get rid of unwanted and unexpected acne. Potatoes contain the perfect amount of acid to get rid of the acne, and the starch neutralizes any damage that the acid can cause. Potatoes will also clean out and tighten your pores, making it difficult for acne to come back. As another added bonus, potatoes work as a toner and have natural bleaching agents, so they will also help to lighten any acne scars on your face.

Cut one potato into thick slices and massage it into the problem areas around your face. Once you are done massaging, place slices on top of all the noticeable acne on your skin and let them sit for about fifteen minutes before removing. Rinse away any residue left behind with lukewarm water.


It may sound too easy, and it is. Ice is an excellent and fast way of getting rid of unexpected acne. Not only will the ice significantly reduce the inflammation and swelling that comes with acne, it will also help improve the blood flow to the breakout area. Ice, like the potatoes, will also tighten and clean out your pores so that new acne doesn't pop up in its place.

Ice is just as easy to use as it is fast. Place an ice cube in a washcloth and press it over acne spots on your face. Hold it in place for only a few seconds before removing. Repeat this process every two to three minutes until you begin to see the results. For a little additional strength, you can dip the washcloth in a little lemon juice before applying it to your acne spots. The lemon juice will help dry out the acne faster.

Anxiously awaiting a big occasion can cause you to break out with unexpected acne. Though it may seem like the end of the world, there are two great ways to stop the breakout in its tracks. By using one of the quick and easy acne solutions listed above, no one will ever know you had acne.