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Itchy, Irritated Skin? Find Relief That Works

3 Ways To Refresh Your Vaginal Area

by Andy Hopkins

If you are like most women, you have had at least one child, and if you had a natural birth, your body likely experienced a little wear and tear. Even haven't given birth vaginally or at all, the natural aging process changes the lips of the vulva and vaginal area. The lips may become enlarged, ragged on the edges, or discolored.

Changing hormones leading up to menopause and after also affect the vagina. Dryness is a frequent complaint as women age. The clitoris may become more hooded as it naturally shrinks, making orgasm more difficult. Additionally, many women feel they have lost a tight sensation in the vaginal opening, which can inhibit their sexual desire as well as sensation for both partners. A loosening vagina can also play a role in bladder control problems.

Thankful, modern medical advancement mean women now have a choice when it comes to addressing these issues. Rather than simply having to accept them as an inevitable part of childbirth or aging, they have surgical options. Here are three procedures you may not have known existed.


If you're concerned about whether or not you vagina feels tight enough to you or your partner during sexual intercourse, you likely aren't enjoying your sex life. In order for sex to be satisfying, both partners need to be in the moment, not worrying about things, particularly those that lower their self-esteem. A skilled plastic surgeon can rejuvenate and restore your vagina to a tighter state, thereby reducing your inhibitions, increasing confidence, and while everyone is different, hopefully increased sensation as well.


The labia has two sets of lips to it, the labia majora, or the outer lips, and the labia minora, or the inner lips. This part of the body ages just like every other part, but as estrogen levels drop, the outer lips become plump and the inner lips become thinner. The edges may be dry and irritating, and sometimes, the labia overall becomes larger, especially with weight gain. Childbirth may have caused injuries as well that have gone ignored over the years. A surgeon may use either contemporary surgery or new laser techniques to make the finished result more aesthetically pleasing to you.

Clitoral Dehooding

Those same hormonal changes can cause changes to the clitoris and the lap of skin that partially covers it, known as the hood. Some women prefer to have that hood pulled back a bit, making it more taut.

If you are uncomfortable with any part of your body, don't be afraid or too embarrassed to make a consultation appointment with a surgeon to see what options are available for you.